Good News: Family’s Grief Turns to Joy After Medical Breakthrough

New parents Seth Galena and Hindy Poupko Galena were over the moon when they welcomed their daughter Ayelet into the world in December 2009. But soon, Ayelet began having digestive problems that their pediatrician couldn’t fix, and eventually the little girl was diagnosed with dyskeratosis congenita, a rare genetic disorder that makes it hard for the body to produce healthy cells. Despite a bone marrow transplant, Ayelet lost her fight against the disease and died in January 2012, shortly after her second birthday. But Ayelet’s brief life had a greater purpose: A study that she participated in through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) resulted in a groundbreaking medical advancement and enabled her parents to have a child who didn’t have the disorder. Click here for more on Ayelet’s story!