Good News: Drive-Thru Difference Is More Than Free Coffee


A SACKed story from Debbie:  On Feb. 19th I got up late for work. I didn’t have time for breakfast so I thought I would stop at Dunkin Donuts in Highland, IN. Upon getting there I was stopped in the lot trying to find my Dunkin card.  A red car with an RN plate was in front of me at the drive thru. I placed my order, pulled up, opened my door to pay, (my window wasn’t working that day) when the guy told me the lady in the car in front of me paid for my order. I couldn’t believe it. He handed me my stuff and said have a good day. I thanked him, said God Bless you, and drove of in tears. I drove to work that day thanking God for what just happened, and praying blessings for that lady. What started out as a bad day, God used the lady in the red car to show me He loves me and takes care of me. The rest of the day was positive. Thank you Lord, Thank you Shine, and Thank you to the lady in the red car.


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