Good News: Bride Gets Dream Dress After Tornado


Megan is a survivor of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado, and cashier at Chick-Fil-A.  Her house was completely destroyed.  Thankfully, her family was all safe.  The one thing that wasn’t, however, was her wedding dress.  Megan had recently married now-husband Justin, had gotten married quickly in April so they could be transferred to his next Air Force base.  However, they were planning a proper ceremony in July.  Megan bought a $350 wedding dress (too plain for her taste, but right on target with her budget).  That dress was destroyed in the tornado.  Megan was so devastated about losing her dress and not being able to afford another one, that she postponed their wedding.  Megan’s boss, however, had other plans.  She had begun fundraising for all of her teammates that needed assistance, but wanted to do something special for Megan.  She called a bridal boutique to see if they could give Megan a new dress at a discount.  They did better.  Read the full story here!  Great people!