Good News: Boy Saves Dogs As His Birthday Wish


For most children, a birthday is the time to request a coveted gadget or tear open an eagerly awaited toy, but for his ninth birthday, Ethan Katz told his parents he wanted to save dogs.   Ethan and his father, Andy, got to work, designing T-shirts for sale, and sold them online, where he explained his mission: “My name is Ethan Katz and I am eight years old. I love dogs. I have two dogs that are very sweet. My birthday is on May 29th. This year for my birthday I want to raise money for my favorite rescue organization – City Dogs Rescue. We rescued my dog Brooklyn from City Dogs in November. I made this shirt to sell for City Dogs,” he wrote.  Ethan’s effort raised nearly $3,000, which was donated to City Dogs Rescue, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that saves dogs from kill shelters and finds them homes. Ethan’s donation was enough to save 10 dogs from euthanasia.  Click here to learn more!