Good News: Anonymous Artists Create New Chalkboard Art Every Week


Imagine walking into a classroom to see a stunning piece of artwork drawn onto the chalkboard each and every week. The elaborate chalkboard creations are the work of two anonymous artists, known only as “Dangerdust,” who complete the masterpieces long after most students have vacated the bustling campus. “We try to keep it a secret as much as possible,” one of the two anonymous artists told ABC News. “It just makes it more fun that way.” Both seniors at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, the duo took to the chalkboard since their coursework is largely computer-based which they say “gets frustrating.” Their chalkboard art, however, “really gives us something we can do with our hands and be physically tired after completing them,” the student explained. “We go in, work a few hours, and the next week we erase it, and there’s something so therapeutic about that.” Take a look at their ornate and dusty drawings here.