Good News: Aaron Shust’s Miracle


Today’s Good News Story is from our special guest, Aaron Shust.  Read the story below of his son Michael.

“The result of Michael’s hearing test came back.  Our son Michael who was clinically profoundly and severely deaf now has clinically perfect hearing in both ears!  Previous audio testing showed flat lines in both ears.  Now both have mountain peaks in the normal hearing range…and that was before they were able to clear the fluid and wax out of his ears, which indicates that his hearing is even stronger than the tests indicated.

He was intensely prayed over on Friday and began to show immediate indication that he could hear: turning toward Sarah when she would call him (never happened before), babbling along with worship on Sunday morning as we sang and a few more indicators.  We were strongly encouraged to continue praying for confirmed healing.  We just happened to have this test lined up today! 🙂  Divine healing still happens!!!