Good News: 911 Dispatcher Honored


New York EMT dispatcher Joann got a call from a very ill Mary, and rescuers rushed to the woman’s residence at East 71st Street. But she was not there.  While the response team was searching for her, Joann struggled to communicate with Mary.  Joann was asking her for her location, but she couldn’t understand what Mary was saying because she was slurring and slipping near the edge of consciousness.  She was having a stroke.  With the help of Verizon and the NYPD, firefighters checked several nearby addresses, but none proved to be right. Rescuers finally found Mary — 8 hours later — at an East 72nd Street residence, where she had been working as a housekeeper.  Mary was rushed to the hospital, and is expected to survive because of the dedication of Joann.  Joann has now been honored by her captain.  Read more about this miraculous story here.