Good News: 9-Year-Old Uses Savings To Teach Neighbors Fire Safety


Hector Montoya of Grand Prairie, Texas, has spent the past few years saving his allowance and birthday money. After accumulating $305, he decided he would purchase a $400 PlayStation when he had socked away enough cash. However, in late January, while watching the news, he learned about a mother and son who had died in a house fire. Hector couldn’t understand why the family didn’t have smoke detectors.  A few days later, Hector approached his mother with an idea. He wanted to use his savings to buy 300 smoke detectors for people who didn’t own them and asked me to drive him to the store to buy them. The money Hector had was enough to purchase 100 smoke detectors, which he and his mother planned to distribute around their neighborhood. However, Hector’s grandmother, who works across the street from the Grand Prairie fire station, decided to contact the department for help. The fireman teamed up with Hector and took him to each house to install the detectors. She added that many of the homes they visited didn’t have the two working smoke detectors required by law, including some homes occupied by elderly people.  But it doesn’t end there.  Two teenagers who saw Hector’s story on the news bought him a PlayStation after all.  Lots of great kids out there!