Good News: 48-Hour Video Game Marathon For Child Protection


Matt Rossi, a member of one of our Shine.FM supporting families, started a 48-hour video game marathon yesterday at noon. He’ll be playing a variety of family-friendly video games on a live stream to raise support for Child Protection through Team World Vision. Matt is currently asking friends, family, and video game nuts to support World Vision’s Child Protection fund, which helps protect children from a wide range of abuses, from trafficking to violence to mutilation, in third-world countries. Matt’s father, Dave, along with Shine.FM General Manager Justin Knight will be running the New York City Marathon in November to raise awareness and funds for child protection. Matt is live streaming his ventures, and you can participate by requesting special tricks for your donation – for example: I’ll donate $100 if you play the next half hour sitting upside down! You can watch Matt’s gaming marathon here, but hurry! His 48-hour gameathon ends at noon tomorrow! Thanks to Matt and his family for their support of The New Shine.FM and of amazing organizations like World Vision.