Coded Letter Leads To A Love 6 Decades In The Making


63 years ago, teenagers Cynthia and Howard worked together, counting plankton at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, and they beat back boredom by writing innocent notes to each other on paper towels, penned in a simple code they’d created.  That was 63 years ago.  And last year, Cynthia received a note, in code, that said “I Never Stopped Loving You.”  She knew exactly who it was from.  The problem was that his return address was latitude and longitude – and the wrong coordinates!  She finally found an old address and sent him a letter, just in case it was his house.  They corresponded via letters and gifts for almost a year, before Cynthia summoned all of her courage to go meet Howard again in person.  Last time she saw him she was 18, and now she was 81.  Howard is now 90, and met her at the train station with a rose.  They sat on the porch swing at his house and held hands.  He proposed within an hour!  And they just got married last week!!!  He calls the entire experience GRAND.  Check out these two love birds here.