2nd Row Best Seats In The House Winner

Congratulations to our new little buddy Nathan — winner of 2nd row seats.  He’ll be enjoying the Casting Crowns concert this Saturday night with his best friend, his mom Daria.


I hope I will always be lucky enough to be Nathan’s best friend-but most of all I am his mom.  Nathan is kind, honest, brave, and AMAZING!  God spoke of him to me before he was even born & God has continued to be with Nathan every step.  Nathan is a “voice of truth” when a reminder is needed of God goodness & mercy I know most can look to Nathan for that word of reminder.  Two years ago on 3/27 a late night hug from Nathan saved my life-literally!  This hug was so painful that is dropped me to my knees & with no medical explanation of why – symptoms of a very aggressive & advanced cancer growing in me began to show by morning. This doctors say saved my life! Nathan was so BRAVE thru all-my treatments & surgeries.  But mostly he never wavered that God was with us & I would be healed.  He saw the good of people & times that God was bringing to us thru my illness no matter what was happening & because of him I was able to see the same. I know God has BIG plans for him & I am blessed to be called him mom & to be a part of this journey with him! We will celebrate 1 year cancer free on 3/27/13 & I would love to give Nathana gift just as he has given me these last 11 years! Such bravery & goodness from such a young man! THANK YOU GOD!