Rob G

Rob G has been serving the Lord since 2004 after going to Rockford Master’s Commission when he was 18. During high school Rob would attend youth group, but it wasn’t until he went to Master’s Commission that it really clicked that he was the righteousness of God. For years he had thought he wasn’t good enough and that he had to strive on his own to become a “better person.” That thought was also so enslaving and when he learned that there was freedom in Jesus, it FOREVER changed his life.

Rob is working on his first project which is the Soundsgood Worship Project which will be followed by his album “Make Believe” which also comes with a complimentary beard. Currently, Rob enjoys breakfast, specifically cereal, for dinner…and lunch….and snack…and brunch…and is currently looking for the verse in the bible that confirms an all cereal fast is next in line after Daniel fast. If you have knowledge of this verse, please email

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