Hope Account Stories

Mazon Verona Kinsman Middle School is receiving HOPE!

“Mazon Verona Kinsman Middle School is on a very small community and thy battle hard for funds to help the kids. There are many in the community that are on special school lunches and it increases all the time!! The staff works so hard to instill values and Hope. They even did a special assembly and Spirit week on LOVE. You just don’t see that anymore. They deserve the help to support their kids!!”

Manteno Middle School is receiving HOPE!

“My child is attending this school and has shared with me that students are asked to give their name even before they get in the lunch time to purchase. The staff checks their accounts and if they are funded they may proceed to purchase. He has been behind students that get turned away due to accounts in the hole. He shared lunch when he could to be sure that no one goes without something. I know that the district is not receiving assistance, however, I know that there are families truly in need and I would love them to receive the help that is necessary in order to start school in a successful way.”

Bradley East Elementary School is receiving HOPE!

“Bradley school is one of poorest school districts in Kankakee County and surrounding areas. My children attended this school, and we struggled to put food on the table during some of our tougher times. There are a lot of our friends and neighbors who struggle and are in need of hope.”

North Newton School District is receiving HOPE!

“This school houses students from 7th to 12th grade and the area is a low income area . This area is farming community. I work in the cafeteria and have personally bought lunches for children who have not had money in their lunch accts . I do not like to see children go without lunch, I think it hampers their ability to pay attention and learn. Please choose our school, thank you for your consideration and may God bless us all.”

Stephen Decatur Elementary School is receiving HOPE!

“I am the instructional coach at SD, and I work in the office. Last year we had 78% of our students on free and reduced fees. We have a huge need. I implemented the backpack club(sending food home with students over the weekends) through the help of our nutrition department and various churches I reached out to because Gleaners had no additional resources available. We were also able to help parents with rent or utility bills when they were in crisis and assisted several families at Christmas as well as all year long with clothing, school needs, and food. With this said, our funds are depleted, and I know there will be needs this year. Our school is a community, and our culture is one that reflects that we take care of each other. I would love to be able to help our families this year, and I would welcome speaking with you about this further. Thank you so much for your time in this matter, and it means a great deal to me that you are helping schools out whether it is us or another school!”