Sermons and Smartphones

Watch out pastors—your younger parishioners could be fact-checking your sermons!


According to new research by the Barna Group, young church goers may be turning to the “YouVersion” app instead of using their pew Bible during the Sunday sermon.  Or, they may be Googling what their pastor just said.


Barna found that the Millennial Generation is using technology in their pursuit of spiritual truth.  Here are some of the findings from their survey of Millenials:


— 70 percent read the Scripture on a cell phone or on line.

— 59% search for spiritual content online

— 54% watch online videos about faith or spirituality

— 56% research a church online.


But the most interesting finding may be that nearly 4 out of 10 Christian millennials are fact-checking their pastor’s sermons.


Many of them bring their laptop computers, tablets or smart phones to church.  Life for these Christians is interactive and they use technology for fact checking during sermons and religious discussions.


In other faith news, a major celebration is planned next month for the 95th birthday of the Rev. Billy Graham.   Between 600 and 700 people have been invited to the November 7th party in Asheville, North Carolina.


President Bill Clinton, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and real estate mogul Donald Trump have been invited.  Billy Graham will attend, but won’t give a speech.


Known as “America’s pastor,” Billy Graham rarely leaves his home in Montreat, outside of Asheville.  His son Franklin says his father has round-the-clock care, but still thinks and speaks very clearly.


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