R-Rated Movies and Heavy Metal Music


Could watching R-rated movies have a negative impact on your faith?


According to new research from Baylor University, teens and young adults who watch R-rated movies tend to go to church less often and think of their faith as less important to them.


The good news—if you can call it that—is that watching R-rated films didn’t seem to cause younger Christians to doubt their spiritual convictions.


Baylor’s Phil Davignon says that’s the one silver lining in this dark cloud, since Christians teens don’t tend to steer clear of movies with restrictive ratings.


Dr. Davignon says, “Watching R-rated movies is prevalent among religious and non-religious young people. Nearly everyone watches them.”

And could fans of heavy metal music listen to metal because it’s therapeutic?


University of Westminster psychologist Viren Swami says heavy metal fans may listen to the music to help them work through some deep psychological issues.


Swami says that those who have a strong affinity for metal “were also more likely to have lower self-esteem” and may listen to “purge negative feelings” and “help boost self-worth.”


Swami and his team of researchers also found that metal aficionados were more likely to be men and less likely to be religious.


Regarding the negative relationship with faith, he says, “It is possible that this association is driven by underlying attitudes towards authority, which may include religious authorities.”


By the way, if you’re a parent of a teenager, one of the best places to get reviews of the latest music—from a Christian perspective—is Focus on the Family’s youth culture website PluggedIn.com.  They also review the latest movies, TV shows, and video games.


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