Parents and Smartphones


Are some parents choosing their smartphones over their kids?


Anew study published in the journal Pediatrics suggests that parents are being distracted by their mobile devices, negatively impacting their children.


Researchers observed 55 moms and dads with young children at fast-food restaurants.  Of those, 73% used mobile devices at some point during the meal.


Nearly 30% of the parents used the device almost continuously, only briefly putting it down.


Gedeon Deák, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, says this raises questions about how parents’ use of mobile technology may affect the development of certain social skills in children.  In particular, it could impact a child’s ability to develop empathy, and to read and understand the vocal, and facial cues of other people.


Dr. Deák says “These are subtle aspects that are acquired slowly over years.  One question I have is how children understand the impact of these interruptions to look at a phone? How do they understand what it means for a conversation? … Staring at your phone during a meal with your child is not a good thing.”


When you ARE using your smartphone, here’s an app worth looking at: the YouVersion Bible app.


Recently, the folks behind the YouVersion say they saw a 300% increase in Americans reading the book of Genesis after the movie Noah was released.


The folks at Bible Gateway reported a 223% increase. And the American Bible Society found that 87% of those asked about the story said they were re-reading it in the Bible because of the discussions surrounding the film.


YouVersion founder Bobby Gruenewald says, “This generation is becoming increasingly interested in the Bible.  And they don’t just want to rely on what they’ve seen and heard about it—they want to read it for themselves.”


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