Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Could you child be a victim of a bully without you even knowing about it?  A new report tells you what to watch for.

Kids who are the victims of bullies are often reluctant to report the abuse. But HealthDay News reports on research showing that frequent, unexplained physical symptoms are common in bullied children and can alert parents and teachers that there is a problem.

The new report found that kids who are bullied are more than twice as likely to report feeling bad or sick, even when there’s no obvious explanation for their symptoms.

Some of the common complaints include headaches, stomach aches, back aches, neck or shoulder pain, dizziness, trouble breathing, tense muscles, nausea, diarrhea and even bedwetting.

So when is a headache just a headache, and when is it a cry for help? Experts say paying attention and asking the right questions can usually help parents discover the truth.

Marlene Snyder, a professor at Clemson University points out that the timing of the complaints can provide a big clue.  She says “A lot of kids refuse to go to school. These headaches and stomachaches are there before a school bell or a school bus and then magically disappear and then they’re fine.”

Bullied kids may also seem sad or depressed or just not themselves.

Dr. Snyder says the key is taking the time to observe, watch, and talk with your kids so you know when something is off,”

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