iPads for High Schoolers?

Free iPads for high school students—who thought THAT was a good idea?  According to PluggedIn.com, the Los Angeles Unified school district decided to spend $1 billion dollars to give each of its students an iPad—650,000 in all.

The devices were programmed to access educational sites only, but as schools started handing them out, students immediately began cracking the district’s security measures and spending much of their class time playing games and browsing social media sites.

One student said, “They should have known this would happen—after all we’re high school students!”


In other culture news, makers of the Android advertising app Locket have compiled data on phone users’ activities. Between peak hours of 5 and 8 p.m. an average phone owner checks his or her phone at least nine times an hour.

Locket reports that the average American checks his phone up to 110 times per day, with some people checking 900 times per day.  Gracious!


Finally, can you tell a person’s gender simply by the words they use on social networking sites?   That seems to be the case.

Time magazine reports that researchers at the University of Pennsylvania compared language used in social network posts and found that they could often determine a writer’s gender simply by what words he or she used.

Time writer, Charlotte Alter, says, “They found that words like ‘mommy,’ ‘boyfriend,’ and ‘best friend’ were more commonly used by women, while men tended to post words like ‘Xbox,’ ‘World Cup,’ and ‘Chuck Norris.’

So who used more smiley emoticons? Take a guess.  ;-]


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