Faith-based Cable TV Programming

Good news—more faith and family-friendly programming is coming to a cable network near you.


According to Plugged, networks such as Up, Aspire, INSP, TV One, Bounce TV and the Hallmark Channel are all looking for wholesome programming, shows and movies that the whole family can watch together.


Cindy Bond, co-founder of Mission Pictures International, says “We’ve hit a watershed moment in the faith film arena. This audience isn’t a fluke any more.


Cindy says the next step for us is for Christian film and TV producers to raise the bar in terms of quality.


Barbara Fisher, senior vice president of original programming for the Up Network, says there’s a growing demand for uplifting television movies, too.


According to Barbara, “It may sound cornball to some people, but we are recognizing that there’s a big country out there that hungers for programming that makes them feel hopeful. I’m seeing a new kind of respect for this programming. It doesn’t have to be schlocky or subpar.”

Eli Lehrer, senior vice president of nonfiction programming for Lifetime, believes that the Christian audience is ripe for more programming.  He says there are tens of millions potential viewers who hold Christian beliefs, but they’re not well-represented on TV these days.


And here’s another benefit of all the faith-based programming.  Tina Campbell, star of WE TV’s reality show Mary Mary says “I think people are starting to see Christianity as normal thanks to all these shows. If we’re going to expose the world to every other aspect of life, why not expose it to Christian life when you’re not at church?”


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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