Encouraging News In The “War on Christmas”

I’ve got some good news to report on the “War on Christmas.”

The state of Texas is making sure that wishing someone “Merry Christmas” is now protected by law in its public schools.  The new law got national attention when it was approved by the Texas Legislature this past summer.

It removes legal risks from exchanging holiday greetings in classrooms. It also protects symbols such as Christmas trees, menorahs or nativity scenes, as long as more than one religion is represented and a secular symbol such as a snowman is displayed.

The law’s sponsor, Houston Republican Dwayne Bohac said the law is meant to reinforce the religious freedoms of the First Amendment and keep “censorship of Christmas out of public schools.”

Texas legislators are hoping similar measures will gain momentum across America.

Some intriguing signs are showing up in Redmond, Washington.  They say “It’s OK to Say Merry Christmas.”  The signs have been showing up outside places like City Hall, schools, and local churches and they include a Bible verse.

The city says a faith-based message or any other message is permitted to be displayed along city right-of-ways as long as they`re not offensive or discriminatory.

Mayor John Marchione said the signs are “a form of free speech, just like political signs and other signs.”  He also says he’s not going to take them down.

So far, no religious group or church has taken ownership of the signs.

You know, Christmas is a GREAT time to share your faith with non-believers.  I recently interviewed a theologian who’s written a great new book that will help you become more confident in talking about Christianity—especially to atheists and agnostics.  It’s called “How to Talk to a Skeptic,” by Donald Johnson.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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