Culture Update: Student’s Faith Lands Him In Hot Water

A student’s faith lands him in hot water with his principal and some good news about teen pregnancy.  Those are two of the faith and culture related stories in the news this week.

A Texas school district has apologized to a high-school valedictorian whose microphone was switched off during a graduation ceremony when tried to talk about his faith.

Joshua School District Superintendent Fran Marek apologized to Remington Reimer after meeting with him and his attorney.

In a statement, the superintendent says she wishes Remington “success for all future endeavors.”

The valedictorian’s microphone was switched off during the June 6 ceremony after he began talking about his religious beliefs.

Remington has been accepted at the US Naval Academy, and he says his principal threatened to contact the Academy to complain about his “bad character.”

In their apology, the school district says it will not take any punitive action against Remington.  He says he is thankful for that and knew the school district would support him.

In other faith and culture related news, teen pregnancy rates continue to decline. And experts say at least some of that dip can be attributed to religious beliefs.

According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the top reason teens say for remaining abstinent is because it goes against their religion or morals. And teens who are involved with a religious community are less likely to get pregnant.

Research also indicates that many adults are unaware of these positive teen pregnancy trends. Though teen pregnancy has gone down 42% in the last 20 years, half of adults believe that rates are actually increasing.

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