Could Your Pastor Be Struggling With Depression?

Could your pastor be struggling with depression?  A new study has found that pastors are especially susceptible to depression, but are hesitant to ask for help.

According to Baptist Press, research shows that almost 70% of pastors have experienced symptoms related to depression.  Katie Swafford is the director of a regional Baptist Counseling program and she believes there are a variety of reasons for the problem.

Katie says “It could be long hours, periods of high stress, family issues or the emotional toll of serving. They’re susceptible to the same pressures as the rest of us.”

Perhaps this story will prompt you to pray for your pastor this week or send him a note of encouragement.

In other faith news, evangelist Luis Palau has been spreading the gospel in a country that is sometimes hostile to Christians.  Over 45,000 people attended a youth festival hosted by Rev. Palau in Venezuela.

He asked those at the festival to open their heart to hope.  He told the young people, “If each of you gives your life to Christ, you will have the security of knowing that the power of God will be upon your life.”

Evangelical Christians represent 15 percent of Venezuela’s 29 million people.  In recent years, those Christians have suffered from political and social injustices, causing young adults to revolt against their government.

Palau told the teenagers, “I know that you are enduring a difficult moment.  But I don’t want you to despair because Jesus Christ is not dead, he is alive and he is here in Venezuela.”

And here’s some REALLY good news–Over 4,000 young people dedicated their lives to Christ at the festival!

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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