January Difference Makers: Student Statesmanship Institute

The Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI) is a unique hands-on Biblical worldview and leadership program for high school students featuring legislative, media, business, campaign and judicial tracks. The real-world professional career simulations and dynamic faith-filled environment combine to develop character, instill purpose and equip young people with highly relevant life-skills. SSI is a fun and exciting learning experience that prepares teenagers for every aspect of their future.

The mission of SSI is:

  • To cultivate desire in young people to discover God’s design, purpose, calling and destiny for their lives.
  • To help these young people develop a comprehensive Biblical worldview in order to apply God’s eternal truths to every area of life.
  • To impart knowledge as relevant for our everyday world and not just confined to personal spiritual matters.
  • To inspire young people to be Godly leaders in their generation.

The SSI Summer Program is a life-transforming week featuring authentic leadership simulations in the legislative, media, judicial, campaign and business fields under the direction of Christian professionals in each field.
During this real-world experience young people learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, strategic planning and effective communications. While being engaged in high-level leadership roles, they are also inspired to apply Biblical and moral principles in their own life and the world around them.
Thousands of young people have come to Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing from throughout Michigan, across America and even Canada, Mexico, England & Israel to be a part of this unique leadership training experience.

Register today for the SSI Summer Program here.

Thanks SSI for making a difference in Lansing!