The Caring Place

Caring Place Reach (Chad Temple): Our outreach ministry busses students in from around Indianapolis and provides a high energy program called Saturday Sunday School. Using the event as an excuse….CP Reach staff connect with families during the week to pray and care for families. CP Reach also coordinates our Thanksgiving give-away which served over 1000 families last year. CP Reach also collaborates with community partners to provide the Christmas store, a unique Christmas store which allows kids, who have earned points through the year. This special program empowers kids to shop for family members and participate in the best part of Christmas…giving. Caring Place Reach has a location in our inner city that has provided homework help and mentoring to teens as well. This program has grown to over 100 kids in less than a year.

Joyful Hearts (Glenn Palmer): This ministry meets every fourth Friday to provide a night of fun for kids with special needs. With excellent programming and fun activities, these kids are offered an friendly environment to express themselves in many ways.

RAFEW (Mike Durham): Each Thursday there is a group of seniors that meet at our church for a time of fellowship. Each Thursday a box truck full of food is distributed to seniors who are in need. We also keep our seniors active. Mike coordinates many affordable trips for our seniors (Branson, Tibey Island).

These are just a few. I could probably get a bigger list, but I thought I’d highlight something that is impacting our community at large, a special needs program (which are hard to find). And our seniors ministry which is run entirely by volunteer staff. In parenthesis are the contacts for each ministry. They can all be reached at 897-7100.