Matthew West “Hello My Name Is” (Acoustic)


Just wanted to share Matthew’s acoustic video and the story behind his new single, “Hello, My Name Is”….You should check it out if you haven’t already!—very powerful stuff.

Matthew West Talks About “Hello My Name Is”

Jeremy Camp “Reckless” on Fox News

Jeremy Camp’s new CD “Reckless” came out this week and shared on Fox News all about it. Be sure to listen this weekend as we highlight Jeremy in our artist spotlight. And don’t forget to get qualified to win the new CD. Text WINMUSIC to 66927 or “like” and “share” the cover photo on our Facebook page.

Third Day at Northview Church May 2nd



Thursday, May 2nd @ 7:30pm at Northview Church in Indianapolis, In
Tickets Available Online: or by phone at 800-965-9324

Super Mom 2013

Chris August “Restore”

Chris August shares with the New Shine.FM about his new song “Restore”.

Why Is Shine.FM Playing Rascal Flatts?

Did she just say Rascal Flatts? Yes, she did. You are either saying to yourself, “Wow, that’s cool!” or you’re asking, “Why is Shine.FM playing Rascal Flatts?”

This weekend Shine.FM added the new song from country mega-group Rascal Flatts, Changed. No, the New Shine.FM is not going country. Over the years many country songs have crossed formats and ending up in mainstream pop/rock radio and even Christian radio.  There was a time when Shine played “Jesus Take The Wheel” by Carrie Underwood.

So, why would we do something like that?

First, I think this song is amazing. Just read these lyrics:

I came up out of the water

Raise my hands up to the Father

Gave it all to Him that day

Felt a new wind kiss my face

Walked away, Eyes wide open

Could finally see where I was goin’

It didn’t matter where I been

I’m not the same man I was then.

I got off track, I made mistakes

Back slid my way into that place where souls get lost

Lines get crossed

And the pain won’t go away

I hit my knees, Now here I stand

There I was, now here

I am 
Here I am


I got a lot of “hey I’m sorry’s”

The things I’ve done, man that was not me

I wish I could take it all back

I just want to tell ’em that

Tell ’em that

I’ve changed for the better

More Smiles, that’s better

I even started to forgive myself

I hit my knees, I’m here, I stand

There I was, now here I am

Here I am, Here I am

I’m changed

Yes, I am

I’m changed for the better

Thank God, I’m changed.

Wow! What a message in those words.

I also know that the members of Rascal Flatts are believers. Member Jay DeMarcus was a member of the Christian band East to West.

If you like to read more about their faith, click here.

Thanks for listening and we hope this song ministers to you. Remember, we always want your feedback on the songs we play. Sign up to be apart of  the Shine Music Panel.

Meredith Andrews Live Event 01/24/13 6pm ET

Join the New Shine.FM, Worship Leader Magazine and Word Worship recording artist Meredith Andrews, along with her husband and band-member Jacob Sooter on Thursday, January 24 at 6 pm ET for a live streaming event. Meredith will be sharing live, acoustic versions of select songs from her new album, Worth It All, which releases two days prior, January 22.

Meredith will also share stories behind those songs and from her own experiences as a worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, where she and Jacob currently serve.

The live stream event will last approximately one hour with the last 15 minutes devoted to viewers’ Q&A.

Watch the stream at www.worshipleader.comThursday, January 24 at 6 pm Eastern Time.


“Washed Over Me” by All Things New

New band All Things New recently stopped by the Shine.FM studios to share some new music. Get to know these guys!

“Proof of Your Love” by for King & Country

If you missed for King & Country‘s debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, here is the official music video to the song!

“Kings & Queens” by Audio Adrenaline

Earlier this fall came the announcement of the re-formed Audio Adrenaline with former dcTalk member and industry mainstay Kevin Max as lead vocalist, CCM vets Dave Ghazarian (Superchick) on guitar, Jared Byers (Bleach) on drums, and singer-songwriter Jason Walker playing on keys along with original member Will McGinnis on bass.

With the same heart, passion and infectious musical prowess they developed as a band in the 1990′s, multi-GRAMMY® award-winning Audio Adrenaline is back and has put together a new lineup of like-minded musicians with the same common goal; to be the voice for orphans in Haiti and around the world. Net proceeds from the Audio Adrenaline album will go to Hands & Feet Project to continue growth and support of the nearly eight-year-old charity.

Hear their new song now “Kings & Queens” on the New Shine.FM.