SACKed Dec. 13, 2013

Put candy canes on your neighbors’ cars today! Take and picture and post it on our Facebook page.

SACKed Dec. 12, 2013

My Kroger cashiers are always awesome, so I thanked them with a candy bar and a SACKed card. Feel free to catch your bus driver, school secretary, or custodian! Don’t forget to tell us about your experience!

SACKed Dec. 11, 2013

One of favorite SACKed ideas…tape a bag of microwave popcorn to a Red Box machine! Don’t forget to leave the “You’ve been SACKed” card and share about the experience with Shine.FM!

SACKed Dec. 10, 2013

Your SACKed act of Christmas kindness is to leave a car wash coupon on a dirty car! Don’t forget to share your story.

SACKed Dec. 4, 2013

Today’s shining act of Christmas kindness is to prepare a winter care package for homeless people.  You could also put in a nice note (with your SACKed card).  Have fun! Don’t forget to share your story with us!

SACKed Dec. 3, 2013

Decorate your mailbox for Christmas and leave something special for your postal carrier for Christmas. Don’t forget to include the SACKed card and tell us about your experience at Shine.FM.

SACKed Dec. 2, 2013

Today’s shining act of Christmas kindness is to leave a dollar bill taped to a toy at the Dollar Store.  Have fun! Let us know about your experience!

Difference Makers: Elim Christian Services

Elim Christian Services strives to serve people with disabilities, regardless of ability or disability, and to teach them that they are part of God’s kingdom and have a purpose in His world.

By providing disabled adults with life skills training, Elim promotes independence and gives individuals more personal freedom, choices, and boosts self-esteem. Promoting social skills help the people in the community establish relationships and develop clear communication with others.

Individuals at Elim are provided with the technology to increase independence and the transportation to be a part of their community. Recreational activities along with maintaining one’s personal health are priorities at Elim, and offer new hobbies and interests to those with disabilities.

Elim Military Kits is a ministry inside of Elim’s mission that help equips people with disabilities to achieve their highest God-given potential. Military Kits are provided by donor and are assembled through the skills of Elim’s adults with disabilities. The kits are sent out to help support our troops. This way, one gift of an Elim Military Kit blesses two people.

Elim Military Kits are stocked with Ramen Noodles, Pop Tarts, Clif Bars, Nature Valley Granola bars, Frito-Lays Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Eclipse Gum, Biscotti, Beef Sticks, Life Savers, and more.

This month as we celebrate Veteran’s Day, Elim has received anonymous gifts of $20,000 which will fund 600 Military Kits. This challenge gift is meant to encourage us to raise 600 more Military Kits to reach our goal of 1,200 Kits by November 12th. With the help of area churches, we are at 913 kits funded! We need to raise funds for 287 more Military Kits at $30 per kit.

To get involved in Elim Military Kits, you can give a tax-deductible donation to cover the cost of materials, assembly, and shipping costs of a kit. You can also write an encouraging note to the service member receiving your kit and a note to the adult assembling it. Another way to be a part of this ministry is to run a Military Kit drive at your church.

Sponsor a Military Kit here.

Into The Light Tour – Matthew West, Sidewalk Prophets & Jason Castro

Join Shine.FM in welcoming Matthew West, Sidewalk Prophets & Jason Castro for the Into The Light Tour!

Sunday, October 27th at The Caring Place in Indianapolis, IN.

Tickets here:

Difference Makers: Transitions Mentoring Ministry

Barna Research states that a majority of those who are raised in the church and profess a personal faith in Christ, walk away after graduating from high school.  Our October Difference Maker, Transitions Mentoring Ministry is doing something about that statistic.  Transitions uses discipleship tools, along with mentor-mentee accountability to encourage and shape the lives of young women making the transition from high school to college and beyond.

Get to know more about Transitions Mentoring Ministry this month on The New Shine.FM!