The Kitchen Table #18: Why Do Young Adults Walk Away from the Church?

The Kitchen Table is a weekly discussion between Shine.FM’s Ministry Director Brian McIntyre and his 18 year-old son Jake. This week they look at the reasons young adults walk away from church. Megan from Shine Evenings joins the show this week. In Music Matters we hear new music from The Young Escape, Lauren Daigle, I Am They and an “oldie but goldie” from David Meece. In Culture Shock, a look at an interview from Chris Pratt and a discussion around whether or not Hollywood has an anti-Christian bias. Follow along on The Kitchen Table Facebook Group on the Shine.FM Facebook page.

The Kitchen Table #17: Are There Ways to Follow Christ on a Smart Phone?

The Kitchen Table is a weekly discussion between Shine.FM’s Ministry Director Brian McIntyre and his 18 year-old son Jake. In this episode, the duo look at the benefits and pitfalls of technology on faith. Plus, in Music Matters a look at:  Avril Lavigne–Head Above Water, Housefires–Jesus, What a Savior,  Corey Asbury–Reckless, and a classic from First Call–Sweet Love.  Finally, in Culture Shock, the pair break down the nuances of parenting in the digital world. Follow along on The Kitchen Table Facebook Group on the Shine.FM Facebook page.

The Kitchen Table #16: What’s the Difference Between Being a Good Person and a Christian?

Shine.FM’s Brian and his 18-year old son Jake look at the difference in trying to be a “good person” and being a Christian.  In Music Matters: Crowder–Red Letters, Shane & Shane–Psalm 98, and Servant–We Are the Light.  In culture shock, we look at “Fortnight Tutors.” Join further discussion on The Kitchen Table Facebook Groupon the Shine.FM Page.

Stronger Together #40 Dare To Share with Guest Andy McGowan

Andy works as lead Pastor at Immanuel Church Kenosha but is also passionate about his ministry with Dare to Share. Be inspired as he pours out his heart for youth developing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and his vision to see them grow in sharing the Gospel.   You can connect with Andy at Facebook, or Immanuel Kenosha Church. You can learn more about Dare to Share here.

The Kitchen Table #15: What Does It Really Mean to Depend on and Trust God?

Shine.FM’s Brian and his 18-year old son Jake sit down at their kitchen table for a faith discussion on the nitty gritty of trusting God.

Plus a look at music, including:

Sanctus Real–Confidence

The Sing Team–How Great is Our God

Russ Taff–Medals

In Culture Shock, the duo take a look at “lawn mower parenting.”

Stronger Together #39: Discipleship Through The Arts with Anne Maria of Hope Central

In this week’s episode we hear the journey of Anne Marie’s obedience to the call of God to begin a non-for-profit benefiting children in the urban communities of Lansing Michigan.

Be blessed and inspired as she shares the trials and joys of this walk.

To attend Hope Central or to connect with them in their efforts you can find them on facebookor reach out here.

The Kitchen Table #14: Does God Answer Prayer?

“God answers OUR prayers according to HIS will.” This week Brian and Jake discuss the Faith question: Does God answer prayer? They look at the different ways God answers prayer and share some prayer response stories from their own lives and lives of some friends. In Music Matters they have new music from Zach Williams, Banners and an oldie but goldie from Stryper. In Culture Shock, they remember 9/11 and how it changed our society.

Stronger Together #38: Finding True Fulfillment in Life with Jason Davis

Music executive Jason Davis joins us for this fascinating episode of Stronger Together. Jason Davis is a serial entrepreneur, A&R, and expert in artist development. He currently is an artist manager/partner at One One 7, Radar Label Group, and Awaken Records. He has worked with artists such as P. Diddy, Boyz II Men, Jay-Z, Dolly Parton, Lonestar, and many more. In this episode, we talk about Jason’s journey in the music industry and how he found himself at rock bottom despite the promises of fame, fortune, and success. Jason walks us through how he found himself considering ending it all when one simple question from a divine encounter, “Do you know Jesus?” changed his life forever.  Connect with Jason on Twitter, at One One 7, or on Linkedin.  Check out his powerful memoir Your Love Pursues.

The Kitchen Table #13: Does Going To Church Really Matter?

This week on The Kitchen Table, Brian and Jake have a family discussion about why it matters to actually attend church and the importance of community. Plus, a look at songs from Tim Timmons featuring Amy Grant: I Belong, Citizens: In Tenderness and a Goldie but Oldie fromJon Gibson & Crystal Lewis: Lost Inside of You in the Music Matters segment.

In Culture Shock, we look at how Millennials and younger people don’t use the flat sheet.

Stronger Together #37: A Stronger Knot – Strengthening Your Marriage with Aaron Bunker

How can a marriage come out on stronger on the other side of difficult season? Why is it important to set up “postive values” for a family, rather than just talk about what you don’t want to do/be? How can you strengthen your marriage through building up your own walk with Christ? Aaron Bunker is a therapist, author and podcaster who helps us take on these questions during this episode of Stronger Together.  Stronger Together is a show about growing in marriage, parenting, relationships and community, and airs each week on Shine.FM.