Scott & Sam – The Rest of Clayton’s Story

The hope of a young man who knew where he was going and, as he was dying he encouraged everyone to live with the kind of love Jesus has.

Good News: Bride Marries Days After Escaping Fire by Jumping from 3rd Story Window

A Colorado woman is just thankful she could walk down the aisle after she escaped a raging fire less than a week before her wedding by jumping from a third-story window. Lenise Ruff, 23, was married Saturday in Castle Rock, Colo., even after she suffered burns on her face and hands from the fire and her maid of honor broke two vertebrae in the fall. Ruff and her roommate, also her maid of honor, Marilyn Kruc, had been trapped by a fire in their Centennial, Colo., apartment building on Monday. Without other options, Ruff and Kruc had to jump from their third-floor apartment rather than risk remaining near the smoke and flames.  In spite of the injuries, Ruff decided to go ahead with the wedding, even though she wasn’t sure whether Kruc would be able to attend. The day before the wedding Ruff talked to Kruc, who insisted she would be able to attend the ceremony no matter what. Click here for more on this wedding that beat the odds!

Good News: Burn Victim Covers Women’s Weekly

Women’s magazines are typically covered by Hollywood starlets or in-demand supermodels. Although Turia Pitt is neither, her cover of Australia’s Women’s Weeklymakes for one seriously inspirational example against the status quo. Pitt is a 26-year-old burn victim who suffered burns to 65 percent of her body three years ago when she was caught in a brushfire while running an ultra-marathon in Australia. She underwent 100 surgeries and spent more than 864 days in the hospital fighting for her life. Today, the mining engineer is a motivational speaker and author. She is also a member of Women’s Weekly judging panel for the annual Women of the Future scholarship awards. After Pitt was photographed as part of the panel, Women’s Weekly editor decided to put her on the cover. Click here to see her stunning cover photo!

Good News: “Let it Go” Daddy/Daughter Duet

A 3 year old girl and her daddy were caught on camera singing “Let it Go” from Disney’s new movie Frozen.  Although he may have heard this song 1,000 times already, he jumps right in to sing along with his kiddo! They may not have gotten all the words just right, but it is too cute not to share! Click here to see the two singing their hearts out!

Good News: Daughter Stuns Mom with the Best Reaction to the Worst Present

Imagine the reaction on your child’s face if you decided to play a cruel birthday joke on her. Let’s say you decided that instead of giving your little girl the one thing you knew she really wanted, you decided to stuff the bag with a giant pair of men’s underwear and then record her dejected reaction. Then imagine the look on your own face if your daughter stunned you by reacting in the best way possible, lavishing thanks and praise on you for such an awesome gift. Well, imagine no longer. Thanks to mother Jessie Eaton, we have such a scenario. Click here to see what the littler girl had to say about her gift!

Good News: Suprise Delivery for Shocked Military Wife

When this young wife got a delivery of some of her husbands belongings, she figured it was just “some of his old stuff,” but once she dug deeper she got a surprise that was much better than old t-shirts and books! Click here to see just how big this wife’s surprise was!

Good News: Boy Refuses to Graduate High School Without his Biggest Inspiration

Austin and Ty Coppola were born only seconds apart, yet Ty was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The boys grew up doing everything together, except Ty faced different challenges. When it was time for Austin to graduate from high school, he couldn’t imagine crossing the stage without his brother.  Even though Ty didn’t attend the same high school, Austin insisted that he share the special day with his brother. Click here to see these two brother share an inspirational moment together!

Good News: Dad Wrecks Car to Save Kids

There’s a new hero in the town of Syracuse, UT. A troubled teen raced through a park  in a stolen car, endangering the lives of the children playing there. Bryson Rowley and his family were among the crowd. When Rowley saw the car returning to the park again, he knew something had to be done to protect the innocent lives at risk. So he jumped in his truck and stopped the reckless driver in his tracks – literally. When the video capturing the unbelievable story hit the news, the staff at Car Star were intrigued. They offered to take care of all the repairs, free of charge. As word spread about Rowley’s courageous actions, what started out as $7000 in repairs resulted in additional donated upgrades worth approximately $8000. Click here for more on this heroic dad!

Good News: Random Act of Kidness in South Dakota Walmart

Carol Flynn of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, didn’t know anyone was watching when she paid for diapers for the Walmart customer ahead of her who learned at the check-out that she could only price match one set, forcing her to set aside three boxes. Flynn, 73, also had no idea that another customer caught the random act of kindness on his cell phone on Sunday night, only to share on Facebook what would become a viral video. Click here to see this amazing generosity caught on tape!

Good News: Beagle Gets 100-Ball Birthday Present

Maymo — or, as he’s known, ‘Cute Dog Maymo’ — is only 3 years old and has more than 45,000 subscribers on YouTube. Maymo’s “people,” as they are called on YouTube, thought they’d surprise him with a big gift for his birthday. In the viral video of the gift presentation, Maymo is first confronted with a few different balls, which seems to confuse him enough. Then a flood of balls comes crashing in, causing the beagle to run for the hills. But that many new toys is nothing to bark at, and Maymo eventually gets on board, running through the house and playing to his overwhelmed heart’s content. Click here to see video of Maymo’s birthday surprise!