Rachel Loomis

Rachel Loomis is a singer, inspirational writer and speaker from Lansing. At a young age of 8 years old she traveled with her family in the gospel ministry ‘Songs of Deliverance,’ which laid the foundation of her purpose and calling. She has continued to honor God by using the gift of singing He has given her to share and be a blessing to others. Rachel has performed at several churches, gospel festivals, and conferences. She has been a featured artist on Total Christian Television (TCT) Detroit, Atlanta Live TV Atlanta, and live radio interviews with The Biz in Florida.

Rachel brings a fresh anointing from heaven to earth and the sense of God’s presence through ministering in song. Her life story is proof that God takes our pain, mistakes, tests, and trials and turns them into a beautiful testimony that is used for His purposes.

Everyone that encounters Rachel witnesses the radiance of God’s love that shines through her. Rachel’s passion and desire it for her life story to be one that inspires, uplifts, and encourages others to that the world can experience God’s love and healing, one heart at a time.



Contact – rachelloomis@gmail.com

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Hope Kidz

Hope Kidz say “Yes to Love”, and “no to fear” with the release of their first album in June 2013. Their music stirs up hope in all generations, young and old, as this group of talented young stars sing boldly about their passion for God.

Hope Kidz performances are energetic, fun, and an inspiration to audiences everywhere. They encourage kids to love Jesus, and allow Him to truly be Lord of their lives. Their songs invite God’s message of Hope into every home, school, church, and heart with titles such as, Hope Arise, Light of Mine, Great Day, and more. In addition to their music, Hope Kidz offer video devotionals that teach other kids about solid Biblical truths that will lead to life and joy. Their stories and lyrics act as a bright example in today’s world that needs guidance desperately.

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Rob G

Rob G has been serving the Lord since 2004 after going to Rockford Master’s Commission when he was 18. During high school Rob would attend youth group, but it wasn’t until he went to Master’s Commission that it really clicked that he was the righteousness of God. For years he had thought he wasn’t good enough and that he had to strive on his own to become a “better person.” That thought was also so enslaving and when he learned that there was freedom in Jesus, it FOREVER changed his life.

Rob is working on his first project which is the Soundsgood Worship Project which will be followed by his album “Make Believe” which also comes with a complimentary beard. Currently, Rob enjoys breakfast, specifically cereal, for dinner…and lunch….and snack…and brunch…and is currently looking for the verse in the bible that confirms an all cereal fast is next in line after Daniel fast. If you have knowledge of this verse, please email contact@soundsgoodrecords.com.

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Born and raised in Miami, FL, AnnaMaria is a well established singer. She won her first music award at the tender age of six, going on to dominate the competition for the next few years. It was at the request of the contest organizers that she refrain from the competition to allow other vocalists a chance to win.

She continued on by representing her schools, winning several awards and performing at various private and community venues. After graduating “Most Musical” in high school she moved to Tulsa where she began traveling with musical theater groups as well as opening for various artist: John P. Kee, Beverly Crawford, Fred Hammond. Featured on networks such as TBN, TCT and The Word Network has brought her into the homes of many on a national and international level.

Adding songwriter to her list of talents has set this brassy toned singer on a clear path in the music industry. Her vivacious stage presence, clear vocal delivery and heart-stirring emotion, will either bring you to your feet, or to your knees.

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