Easy And Free Budget Apps


Do you want to keep a budget, but aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you have your money in a few different places and want an easy way to keep an eye on it all? In today’s Lisa’s Home School, check out the best money management apps so you can dive in, start saving money, and live more financially secure!  Bonus:  most of them are free!


5 Tips For Better Searing


In today’s Lisa’s Home School, it’s all about the sizzle.  I’m personally scared of cooking most kinds of beef because they never turn out for me.  However, I’m going to give this a go this weekend – pan-searing before grilling or baking.  Let’s learn some tips for better searing together!


What Is Oil-Pulling?


An age old health and beauty regimen has become the talk of the Internet. This week, the term “Oil Pulling” is trending on social media and on search engines (it’s spiking by 1331% on Yahoo). If you’ve been wondering just what oil pulling is, get a breakdown in Lisa’s Home School.


15 Ways To Happier, Grateful Kids


What do you do when your kids won’t stop complaining?  Whining?  Griping?  Practice gratitude!  I love this post from Ann Voskamp in Lisa’s Home School, who teaches us 15 ways to practice gratitude with our children, creating happier, well-adjusted kids!  I think I’m going to try some of those ideas myself!


How To Eat Without Bloating


There’s nothing worse than finishing a meal only to realize the evidence is showing in a slightly bulging stomach. And it’s not only after a big Italian meal that we experience a pasta belly. Even seemingly healthy meals make us feel like we’re about to blow a button. Check out Lisa’s Home School to learn what’s happening, as well as tips for eating without the swelling.


Habits That Mess With Your Hormones


Admit it: any time you feel off or out of whack and have no idea why, you probably chalk it up to hormones, right? The crazy thing is, you’re probably right. These chemical messengers buzzing around inside you pretty much rule your entire system, influencing your appetite, weight, and more. But hormonal weirdness isn’t just a random occurrence over which you have no control. Certain behaviors can cause them to surge or sink–and do a number on your body in the process. Check out these nine habits in Lisa’s Home School that can screw them up and alter your mental and physical health.


Unlock This Secret To Liking Vegetables


Regardless of whether or not you’re ready to board the health train, it’s time to learn the key to eating your vegetables and enjoying them, too. The hint today in Lisa’s Home School: roast those veggies. Don’t steam them, don’t boil them, don’t sauté them. Roast them. If you really can’t stand vegetables and are sick of trying to stomach them, before you lose all hope, toss them in some olive oil and let your oven do the work.


Information To Keep From Your Doctor


Medical Identity Theft is one of the most common forms of identity theft.  But is it really ok to keep your information from your doctor?  YES!  In Lisa’s Home School, learn how to keep your medical information safe and sound, while still receiving the level of care you deserve.


Tips For Dealing With Daylight Savings Time


Sure, Daylight Savings Time means longer days in the spring, but boy oh boy, can it mess up your schedule!  Even though people have a love/hate relationship with DST, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  So, in Lisa’s Home School, learn some tips to survive the transition.

Parenting Mistakes Most People Make


Now that I’m expecting, I’ve been doing a lot of research on parenting.  I found this recently published article about parenting mistakes that “we all” make.  So, I’m taking note of many of these things.  You should too in Lisa’s Home School.