George Jones

George Jones, one of the pioneers of country music passed away last Friday. If you know anything about his life, then you know his music through most of his career focused on wild living, broken relationships, alcoholism, drug abuse and more. In fact, country music could have said he was their “bad boy” poster child for many years too.

What you might not know is that later in life, after falling into a coma for a short time, George Jones gave his life to Jesus. Now he wasn’t perfect by a long shot, and still battled with some of his past behaviors, but wasn’t afraid to tell people about Jesus.

Maybe your story is a little like George Jones, and you’ve had some “bumps” along the way. My bible is FULL of stories of lives that God used even though they had weaknesses (think David, Paul, Peter….there’s more). How has God used you in you in spite of your “weakness?”